Drinks and Cocktails

With over 5.5 million customers, Drinks and Cocktails is the perfect compliment to any aspiring bartender or thrower of parties.

Keep only the most popular drinks at hand and help avoid those late night, "Oh no! What goes in a Mai Tai?!" emergencies, which threaten to end that perfect buzz.

Know your booze

Free drink and cocktail recipes at the spin of a dial. Give it a quick flick for a random drink or browse through it for a specific one. Tap the star to add it to the favorites where any random drink is sure to impress.

Working with a limited bar? Check off the available spirits and mixers to find suggestions for those ingredients or use the ingredient list while at the liquor store to pick out what will best compliment the existing bar stock.

Instead of 1,000's of recipes, Drinks and Cocktails aims to include only the most popular drinks and keeps instructions simple and concise, avoiding bar tender jargon and confusing units.


Drinks and Cocktails
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Drinks and Cocktails: Sans-Ads
The same great iPhone App, minus the ads on the featured drink, for the low price of a buck. (download)


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